1. How is Sarda Farms milk unadulterated?

Adulteration happens when something is deliberately added to the milk. Sarda Farms ensures nothing is ever added to the milk and the only time anything is extracted is in the case of Skim milk. In Skim milk 99.5% of the fat present in the milk is extracted. This ensures Sarda Farms milk to be always adulteration-free. Also, throughout the journey, milk travels in safe, sanitised cold chain in tamper evident packaging which preserves the freshness of the milk till your doorstep.

2. How is Sarda Farms milk free of hormones?

Sarda Farms is strictly against the use of Oxytocin or any other form of hormones in the farm. Sarda Farms’ policy of zero tolerance towards usage of hormones makes the milk free of hormones.

3. How is Sarda Farms milk free of antibiotics?

Sarda Farms takes utmost care of the health of the cows on the farm. In a rare case of the cow needing antibiotic treatment due to an ailment, such cows are kept separate and the milk is never mixed with the regular, good milk. Only after the ailing cow has completely recovered, their milk is tested to ensure that there are no traces of the antibiotics and only then is their milk considered as good milk to be provided to Subscribers.

4. How does Sarda Farms ensure Zero Contamination?

Contamination is when the milk is exposed to an unintentional external source. Sarda Farms pure cow milk is untouched by human, right from milking to processing and packaging. Additionally, all the equipment’s used for processing and transporting the milk is cleaned thoroughly and disinfected before and after, using the best in class protocols to provide Subscribers with 100% Pure, Contamination-free cow milk.

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