Sarada FAQs


1. How is Sarda Farms milk unadulterated? Adulteration happens when something is deliberately added to the milk. Sarda Farms ensures nothing is ever added to the milk and the only time anything is extracted is in the case of Skim milk. In Skim milk 99.5% of the fat present in the milk is extracted. This… Read More »MILK- PURITY


1. What is the shelf life of Sarda Farms milk? Sarda Farms milk contains no preservative and hence Sarda Farms advises consumption of the fresh milk within 2 days of receiving, when stored under refrigeration. 2. Is the milk pack safe for storage & consumption of milk? Sarda Farms milk is packed in ultra-high food… Read More »MILK – SAFETY


1. Is Sarda Farms milk fresh? Yes, Sarda Farms delivers farm fresh milk to it’s subscribers. The good milk is delivered within hours of milking, in a secured cold chain that retains the goodness and freshness of the milk. 2. What is the nutritional content of Sarda Farms milk? Nutritional content per 100 ml (approx.)… Read More »MILK-NUTRITION


1. What is the size of Sarda Farm and where is it located? Sarda Farms is spread across 50 acres and has been built to world standards. It is located in the village of Shenit on the Mumbai-Shirdi road, on Sinnar-Ghoti highway, Igatpuri Taluka, Nashik. 2. How many cows do you have and what is… Read More »THE FARM