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Ghee roasted Banana

Yields3 ServingsTotal Time5 mins

Aroma reminiscent of your childhood or one that will create memories for your children, Sarda Farms Ghee is made with tender loving care. Our cow milk ghee is 100% pure, antibiotic & hormone free.
Ghee roasted banana is a quick and delicious snack that will instantly take you back to your childhood. Simple & unpretentious this is a great snack to satiate kids hunger pangs. You can also top pancakes or your favourite ice cream with Ghee roasted Bananas.

 2 ripe but firm medium sized Bananas
 2 tablespoon Sarda Farm ghee (or as required to roast Bananas)
 1 tbsp powdered sugar mixed with a small pinch of cinnamon powder


1. Slice the Bananas.

2. Heat a non-stick grill pan.

3. Drizzle some ghee on the pan.

4. Place banana slices on the pan.

5. On medium heat roast till the underside is brown. (About 1 minute. Time depends on the size of the slices and variety of banana used.)

6. Quickly, flip over the slices and cook on the other side till brown. For your convenience, cook the slices in batches.

7. Turn off the heat and place them on a serving dish.

8. Sprinkle Cinnamon-sugar mixture on the roasted slices.
Serve immediately.

If the bananas are very small slice them lengthwise.
Quick cooking is the key, so that the banana slices do not turn mushy.
For a variation you can drizzle honey or sprinkle black pepper powder instead of Cinnamon-sugar mixture

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2-3

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