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Muesli Pizza

Yields3 ServingsTotal Time10 mins

A pizza for breakfast? You read that right! Nothing says ‘Good morning’ like a fun, fruit filled Muesli pizza. Usual breakfast ingredients-Muesli, dahi and fruits are arranged in an unusual way to make your first meal of the day more exciting. Use fruits of your choice to top the Muesli pizza ‘crust’.
Made from fresh cow milk without any artificial additives, Sarda Farms Dahi lends its rare & distinctive flavour to the Muesli Pizza

Muesli Pizza

 2 cups cups Muesli
 2 tbsp Honey
 2 tbsp Sarda farms unsalted butter
 ½ cup Sarda Farms dahi, whey drained completely (see notes)
 Sliced fruits of your choice for topping


1. Place the Muesli in a sealable plastic bag. Crush it lightly using a rolling pin.

2. Place it in a mixing bowl.

3. Warm the butter so that it just melts and add it to muesli.

4. Add honey and mix together.

5. Place the muesli mixture on a non-stick flat plate or one lined with a parchment paper/butter paper.

6. Pat the muesli mixture to form a round ~6 inch circle.

7. Refrigerate this muesli ‘crust’ for at least 1 hour or till it is firm to touch and does not crumble easily.

8. When ready to serve, spread Dahi over the muesli base.

9. Arrange fruit slice over dahi and serve immediately.

You can also use peanut butter instead of butter
To completely drain whey from dahi, tie it in a kitchen towel/muslin cloth placed on a colander for about an hour
For a make ahead breakfast: The base/crust can be refrigerated overnight so that it is ready to use at breakfast. Just spread dahi and top with fruits.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2-3

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