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  • Wednesday 08 2016
  • Sarda Farms


  1. Contribution to Sarda Farms Blogs can be by

    1. Employees of Sarda Farms

    2. Employees of M/s Shrirang Kisanlal Sarda

    3. Customers of Sarda Farms

    4. Designated eminent experts on Food, Dairy and Farming, Dairy technologists.

  2. Contributor will be liable for any contribution published by Sarda Farms and proper permission has not been taken from the original publishers.

  3. The Name of the contributor will be clearly mentioned but links to his or her website or social media link or blog will only be with a clear instruction to Sarda Farms Editorial Team.


  1. Contribution to the Sarda Farms blogs will be moderated and / or edited by the editorial team of Sarda Farms and only content approved by the editorial team will be approved from publishing.

  2. Objectionable content which may be offensive or harmful to any caste, cred or race or children will not be permitted.

  3. Information provided in the content will be accurate and not based on hearsay.

  4. Content will not speak ill or another brand or directly deride any brand.


  1. Content will be positive.

  2. Content may raise curiousness without providing direct answers.

  3. Content can be from research available in public domain.

  4. Content if taken from research which is proprietary in nature will need to have written agreement to publish.

  5. Content about a process may be accompanied with a drawing or a set of pictures.

  6. Each picture, drawing or graphic has to be captioned, with due credit to the original owner.

Giving Credit and References

  1. All content which is not original will need the written permission of the original content owner and will be mentioned directly in the Content headline or as a footnote at the end of the content.

  2. Pictures of not original will need to have proper credit or receipts clearly stating the agreement to use.

  3. If any part of the content needs a reference, the reference will have to be clearly be marked in the text and annotated.


Copy Right

  1. Sarda Farms will own all copy right for all original content published in the Sarda Farms website blogs.

Editorial Team and IT Team

  1. Editorial team may choose to group or regroup the blogs based on the nature of the topic.

  2. Editorial team will intimate to the blog contributor by email when the blog is published.

  3. Editorial team reserves the right to refuse publishing a blog or content without assigning any reason thereof.

  4. The posting of new blogs will be shared in the social media by the IT team.

  5. IT team will try to incorporate the new and meaningful words in the blogs to the search engine.

  6. All approved responses to the blogs will be on the blogs and may or may not be shared on the social media.

  7. IT team will provide a search option in the Blogs page for a specific blog or a content or on a date.

  8. Older posts may be archived by the IT Team.

  9. IT team may choose to rank the blogs based on the number of recent views.

  10. IT team will also provide a link to the recent posts.

  11. Sarda Farms blogs will be in the public domain and can be accessed pre and post log in.