Dahi-Grape CanapésBy recipeQuick, easy, healthy, refreshing, scrumptious- Dahi-Grape canapés tick all the right boxes. These almost no-cook bites can be put together in a jiffy. They are so simple to make, it hardly even needs a recipe. Simply assemble the ingredients and customise them to your taste. Here’s a rough recipe to get you started. Hung curd used in this recipe, made using fresh Sarda Farm Dahi, lends a tangy, creamy texture to the canapés.
Basic white SauceBy recipeThree basic ingredients flour, butter & milk cook together to make this classic white sauce, also known as Béchamel sauce. The versatile sauce forms the base for many recipes. You can use it as a pasta sauce or in bakes or even as a filler for sandwiches. Flavour it with nutmeg, mustard or pepper depending on the intended use. Wholesome, fresh cow milk from Sarda Farms gives a rich, silky texture to the white sauce.
Cucumber CupsBy recipeToo hot to cook? We have got you covered with this super easy, no-cook, refreshing snack. The bite sized Cucumber cups are not only pretty but also make for a guilt free healthy snack. Crunchy and delicious the edible cups can be put together in minutes and hence are a perfect appetizer/snack to feed a crowd. This is also a fun recipe to involve kids in the kitchen. Nutritious Dahi made using fresh Cow milk from Sarda Farms enriches the taste of this appetising snack.
French ToastBy recipeWhip up a quick, decadent breakfast with this super easy recipe for French toast. Soak slices of day old bread in a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon, grill on a pan and serve topped with honey and your favourite fruits for a scrumptious breakfast/brunch. Fresh, wholesome cow milk from Sarda Farms lends a rich flavour to the custardy bread slices.
Apple Banana & Date smoothieBy recipeQuick, filling and nutritious Apple Banana & Date smoothie is a perfect ‘on the go’ breakfast. Smoothies are a refreshingly versatile snack any time of the day. You can throw in any combination of fruits, milk and nuts in the blender to make your own signature smoothies. Preservative free cow milk from Sarda Farms loaded with natural goodness, adds a delicious flavour to the Apple Banana & Date smoothie
Ghee RiceBy recipeFragrant Rice infused with spices and aromatic ghee from Sarda Farms, Ghee Rice makes for a stunning festive dish. Quick and easy, this one pot dish can be made at short notice. Pair it with your favourite curry or dahi based salad (raita) for a scrumptious meal.
Lime PossetBy recipeLime Posset is a rich, tangy British dessert with a zingy citrus burst. Three simple ingredients and just a few minutes, is all that it takes to make this decadent lime and cream dessert. Fresh, Heavy cream from Sarda farms, without any additives, is just perfect to make this creamy Lime posset. Posset is usually served with cookies.
Ghee roasted vegetable PastaBy recipeA medley of colourful vegetables roasted in Sarda Farms cow ghee peps up the flavour of this simple stir fry pasta. Antibiotic & hormone free, aromatic ghee enriches the flavour of the vegetable pasta, making it appetising even without a separate sauce.
Ghee and Semolina pancakesBy recipeKick start your day with these savoury, eggless, Ghee and Semolina pancakes. Simple, easily available pantry ingredients used in this recipe, create a tasty and healthy meal to get you through the day. Antibiotic & hormone free Sarda Farms cow milk ghee lends a rich, nutty aroma to the pancakes. Ghee and Semolina pancakes can be served on their own or with your favourite chutney or sauce.
Ash Gourd SoupBy recipeSoothing and flavourful this Ash Gourd Soup is the simplest way to enjoy the goodness of Ash/white gourd. Locally called as Kohla or Petha, this healthy gourd has amazing therapeutic properties. Preservative free, fresh cow milk from Sarda Farms enhances the taste and goodness of the Ash Gourd soup.
Homemade Mocha FrappeBy recipeIndulge in this incredibly easy to make, Homemade Mocha Frappe to cool down on a hot day. Coffee and chocolate, a match made in heaven, combine together to make this iced refresher. Top the chocolaty iced coffee with a sinful dollop of whipped cream and chocolate chips to make it a decadent treat. Use any variant of the fresh cow milk from Sarda Farms. The milk is preservative free ensuring that its flavour and natural goodness remains intact.
Cucumber ChaasBy recipeA refreshing twist to the popular thirst quencher, Cucumber Chaas is the perfect drink to beat the heat. Cucumber amps up its nutritive value. For a variation you can use beetroot instead of cucumber. Sarda Farms low fat Dahi made from fresh cow milk and free of any additives, lends a delicious flavour to Cucumber Chaas
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