Muesli PizzaBy recipeA pizza for breakfast? You read that right! Nothing says ‘Good morning’ like a fun, fruit filled Muesli pizza. Usual breakfast ingredients-Muesli, dahi and fruits are arranged in an unusual way to make your first meal of the day more exciting. Use fruits of your choice to top the Muesli pizza ‘crust’. Made from fresh cow milk without any artificial additives, Sarda Farms Dahi lends its rare & distinctive flavour to the Muesli Pizza
Ghee roasted BananaBy recipeAroma reminiscent of your childhood or one that will create memories for your children, Sarda Farms Ghee is made with tender loving care. Our cow milk ghee is 100% pure, antibiotic & hormone free. Ghee roasted banana is a quick and delicious snack that will instantly take you back to your childhood. Simple & unpretentious this is a great snack to satiate kids hunger pangs. You can also top pancakes or your favourite ice cream with Ghee roasted Bananas.
Beetroot – Dahi dipBy recipeHealthy, refreshing & vibrant this Beetroot –Dahi dip ticks all the right boxes. Sarda Farms Dahi is made from fresh cow milk without any artificial additives and hence makes it 100% pure and wholesome. The goodness of beetroot combined with our nutritious dahi makes this dip a guilt free nourishing snack. Quick and easy, the recipe can be easily adapted to suit your taste. Serve Beetroot-dahi dip with crudities or crackers as a snack or a party starter.
Bread and Butter puddingBy recipeHow about having a dessert for breakfast? Bread and Butter pudding makes for a comforting breakfast, brunch or a perfect end to a cosy family meal. A slightly different take on the British classic pudding, this recipe dresses up good old jam-butter sandwiches with a flavourful custard. Simple and scrumptious, this is one of the best ways to use up stale bread. Fresh cow milk from Sarda Farms that is used in this recipe, is delivered to you within hours of milking. The milk is preservative free ensuring that its flavour and natural goodness remains intact.
Herbed buttermilk salad dressingBy recipeAdd some zing to your salad with this energising herbed buttermilk dressing. Buttermilk made using using delicious dahi from Sarda Farms, makes the salad refreshing. The dressing can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator for upto 2 days. Use a combination of any vegetables of your choice to make the salad.
Turkish eggBy recipePoached egg served on a bed of garlicky Sarda Farms dahi and topped with chilli oil makes for a scrumptious breakfast. This recipe replaces the oil with flavourful Sarda Farms ghee, making it more delicious. Even though the name sounds exotic the recipe is fairly simple, the only skill needed is in poaching the egg.
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