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  • Tuesday 02 2016
  • Sarda Farms

Sometime in life almost everyone has had to watch the milk from boiling over. And almost every house has milk boiling at least once a day. From the ages when every home had at least one “Hamma” which had to be fed and milked. The milk has gone straight from milking to fire, for boiling. Fire heated the milk and the heat destroyed the possible pathogens, making the milk safe to drink. However when the milk is boiled to 100 degrees Celsius along with the bad microorganisms some good microorganisms also are destroyed. The more number of times you boil it the more defiled the milk gets. Modern technology has ensured with Pasteurisation you don’t have to boil the milk. The milk is flash heated and instantly cooled and packed, making it safe for you to drink straight from the bottle. If your milk says Pasteurised then you can safely save some energy.