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Sarda Farms : Opt-In-7-days - Generic

Dear Resident

Thank you for your interest in the Sarda Farms 7 days complimentary unlimited milk experience.
Sarda Farms would love to provide your family with delicious milk for 7 days and would like your approval for the same.
During these 7-days, you will get to experience 100% pure, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, farm-fresh, ready-to-drink milk.

We request you to kindly indicate your milk requirements from the four different Milk variants available. This information will only help us serve you better.





Sarda Farms Milk variants

Pasteurised (PA):

This variant is the malaiwala milk. This is suited for extracting cream (malai), making Ghee, Dahi, and Paneer and adding to cereals.

Pasteurised & Homogenised (PH):

This variant is good for setting thick Dahi, making tea and coffee, adding to cereals, milkshakes, desserts etc. On boiling, the cream (malai) layer will be thinner.

A2 Pasteurised & Homogenised:

This variant is Pasteurised & Homogenised with only A2 type of protein present in the milk.

Skim Milk:

This variant is 99.5% fat-free. This is preferred by people consuming low-fat milk

What is your preferred milk delivery mode?

By clicking the Submit button below, I authorise Sarda Farms personnel to contact me through email, sms, whatsapp or phone.

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