1. What is the shelf life of Sarda Farms milk?

Sarda Farms milk contains no preservative and hence Sarda Farms advises consumption of the fresh milk within 2 days of receiving, when stored under refrigeration.

2. Is the milk pack safe for storage & consumption of milk?

Sarda Farms milk is packed in ultra-high food grade, double strength pack. Hence it is safe for storage & consumption.

3. Is Sarda Farms packaging tamper evident?

All packaging of Sarda Farms milk & milk products are tamper evident, i.e. all the products have one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.
For example: The shrink wrap seal on cap of the glass bottle or the plastic seal in the gable top cap.

4. How does temperature affect Sarda Farms milk quality?

Sarda Farms milk is Pure and without preservatives and hence under non refrigerated conditions the bacterial growth happens rapidly, with increase in temperature, in the good milk. The growth of bacteria depletes the nutrients significantly and leads to smelly odour in the milk. To arrest the bacterial growth, Sarda Farms maintains farm to home cold chain from the time of milking to delivery. This ensures the goodness of milk remains intact till the time you receive the milk.

5. How does use of insulated bag affect the milk quality?

Sarda Farms maintains cold chain throughout the milk journey so that the temperature of the good milk is retained cool and nutrition preserved. In case of a rise in temperature at your doorstep, due to unavailability of doorstep bag the bacteria might multiply within the milk and degrade the nutrition. The use of the insulated doorstep bag preserves the milk of its nutrition.

6. Do you have FSSAI License for your products?

Yes, all Sarda Farms products have FSSAI License No: 11519027000585

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