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  • Sarada FAQs

    1. Is Sarda Farms milk fresh?

    Yes, Sarda Farms delivers farm fresh milk to it’s subscribers. The good milk is delivered within hours of milking, in a secured cold chain that retains the goodness and freshness of the milk.

    2. What is the nutritional content of Sarda Farms milk?

    Nutritional content per 100 ml (approx.) of Sarda Farms Pasteurised, Pasteurised & Homogenised, A2 Pasteurised & Homogenised Milk is

    Energy 60 kcal
    Carbohydrates 4.75 g
    Protein 3.20 g
    Total fat 3.50 g
    Saturated fatty acids 2.00 g
    Cholesterol 0.01 g
    Extraneous matter Nil
    Nutritional content per 100 ml (approx.) of Sarda Farms Skimmed Milk is

    Energy 33 kcal
    Carbohydrates 5.10 g
    Protein 3.20 g
    Total fat 0.40 g
    Calcium 0.93 g
    Sugar Nil
    Extraneous matter Nil
    3. Which are the full fat variants of Sarda Farms milk?

    Sarda Farms Pasteurised, Pasteurised & homogenised and A2 Pasteurised & homogenised are full fat variants with a minimum of 3.5% fat.

    4. Is Skim millk beneficial for weight loss?

    Sarda Farms recommends, skim milk for consumers who prefer low fat milk and has no view on the skim milk being beneficial for weight loss.

    5. What milk is best suited for kids?

    Sarda Farms milk is as pure a milk that you can get and contains all natural nutrition. However, the choice of a milk will depend on the liking of your child. Sarda Farms recommends that you try the milk variants and then make a choice.

    6. What milk is best suited for pregnant women?

    Sarda Farms milk is 100% pure and without any adulteration or contamination, hence, all variants can be consumed by Pregnant women. However, Sarda Farms strongly recommends that in case of Pregnant women, the doctor’s advice is the best.

    7. What milk is best suited for elderly?

    Unless medically recommended, all variants of Sarda Farms are suited to be consumed by elderly. However, if a medical condition exists, it is best to consult the doctor.


    1. What is the size of Sarda Farm and where is it located?

    Sarda Farms is spread across 50 acres and has been built to world standards. It is located in the village of Shenit on the Mumbai-Shirdi road, on Sinnar-Ghoti highway, Igatpuri Taluka, Nashik.

    2. How many cows do you have and what is the breed of the cow?

    Sarda Farms has 1500 Holstein Friesian cows.

    3. What facilities are available on the farm?

    Sarda Farms is a world-standard dairy farm which has state-of-the-art amenities and processes to keep the cows comfortable and happy.

    Facilities include.

    • Climate controllers to maintain appropriate temperature
    • Soft cow beds for cows to rest
    • Automatic Massage brushes
    • Planned nutritious feed
    • RO purified water
    • Regular check-ups by vet

    4. Where is the processing plant of Sarda Farms?

    The milk processing plant of Sarda Farms is in Satpur, Nashik


    1. How is Sarda Farms milk unadulterated?

    Adulteration happens when something is deliberately added to the milk. Sarda Farms ensures nothing is ever added to the milk and the only time anything is extracted is in the case of Skim milk. In Skim milk 99.5% of the fat present in the milk is extracted. This ensures Sarda Farms milk to be always adulteration-free. Also, throughout the journey, milk travels in safe, sanitised cold chain in tamper evident packaging which preserves the freshness of the milk till your doorstep.

    2. How is Sarda Farms milk free of hormones?

    Sarda Farms is strictly against the use of Oxytocin or any other form of hormones in the farm. Sarda Farms’ policy of zero tolerance towards usage of hormones makes the milk free of hormones.

    3. How is Sarda Farms milk free of antibiotics?

    Sarda Farms takes utmost care of the health of the cows on the farm. In a rare case of the cow needing antibiotic treatment due to an ailment, such cows are kept separate and the milk is never mixed with the regular, good milk. Only after the ailing cow has completely recovered, their milk is tested to ensure that there are no traces of the antibiotics and only then is their milk considered as good milk to be provided to Subscribers.

    4. How does Sarda Farms ensure Zero Contamination?

    Contamination is when the milk is exposed to an unintentional external source. Sarda Farms pure cow milk is untouched by human, right from milking to processing and packaging. Additionally, all the equipment’s used for processing and transporting the milk is cleaned thoroughly and disinfected before and after, using the best in class protocols to provide Subscribers with 100% Pure, Contamination-free cow milk.


    1. What is the shelf life of Sarda Farms milk?

    Sarda Farms milk contains no preservative and hence Sarda Farms advises consumption of the fresh milk within 2 days of receiving, when stored under refrigeration.

    2. Is the milk pack safe for storage & consumption of milk?

    Sarda Farms milk is packed in ultra-high food grade, double strength pack. Hence it is safe for storage & consumption.

    3. Is Sarda Farms packaging tamper evident?

    All packaging of Sarda Farms milk & milk products are tamper evident, i.e. all the products have one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.
    For example: The shrink wrap seal on cap of the glass bottle or the plastic seal in the gable top cap.

    4. How does temperature affect Sarda Farms milk quality?

    Sarda Farms milk is Pure and without preservatives and hence under non refrigerated conditions the bacterial growth happens rapidly, with increase in temperature, in the good milk. The growth of bacteria depletes the nutrients significantly and leads to smelly odour in the milk. To arrest the bacterial growth, Sarda Farms maintains farm to home cold chain from the time of milking to delivery. This ensures the goodness of milk remains intact till the time you receive the milk.

    5. How does use of insulated bag affect the milk quality?

    Sarda Farms maintains cold chain throughout the milk journey so that the temperature of the good milk is retained cool and nutrition preserved. In case of a rise in temperature at your doorstep, due to unavailability of doorstep bag the bacteria might multiply within the milk and degrade the nutrition. The use of the insulated doorstep bag preserves the milk of its nutrition.

    6. Do you have FSSAI License for your products?

    Yes, all Sarda Farms products have FSSAI License No: 11519027000585

  • Uncategorized FAQ

    1. What is the difference between the Glass Bottle/Gable Top and the Milk Pack offering?

    In both the offerings, subscribers receive the good milk from the family farm-Sarda Farms. The primary differences between the offerings is in the packaging, choice of variants & service offering. For more details please click to see the offering page.

    2. Can I order for Glass Bottle/Gable top milk and Milk pack simultaneously?

    As on date, simultaneous orders of half litre milk packs and 1 litre Glass bottles / Gable-top cannot be processed simultaneously.

    3. Which variant would be most suitable for me?

    Sarda Farms understands that subscribers have varied usages and in order to cater to these usages, Sarda Farms offers 4 variants.Based on the needs and the usage in your households, you can choose from any of the below mentioned variants which are all ready to drink

    • Pasteurised. This is the variant from which cream can be extracted to make ghee. This variant is also suited for making tea, coffee, add to cereals, making dahi, paneer etc.
    • Pasteurised & Homogenised. In this variant, the milk undergoes homogenisation post pasteurisation wherein the fat molecules of the milk are broken down to molecular level & mixed in the milk liquid. As a result, on heating the milk, the cream layer formed on top is quite thinner when compared with the pasteurised variant. This milk tastes creamier and is preferred by people wanting thicker milk. This milk is also good for setting creamier dahi at home.
    • A2 Pasteurised & Homogenised. This variant is similar to the Pasteurised & Homogenised variant. The only difference is the A2 type of protein present in the milk.
    • Skim Milk. In this variant, the fat present in the milk is removed to make it 99.5% fat free. This is preferred by people consuming fat free milk.

    4. Which packaging would be most suitable for me?

    Sarda Farms offers the following three packaging options and the subscribers can choose from either of these packaging based on the suitability.

    • The Glass bottle. Apart from its aesthetic value, the glass bottle is considered to be the trusted form of packaging as it’s good for the environment. It is the only widely used food packaging that has been granted the highest standard ‘GRAS’ status by the American FDA. In order to reuse the bottles, Sarda Farms also collects the empty glass bottles. The bottles are cleaned and re-used in the subsequent milk packaging and deliveries.
    • The Gable top. For people who find it cumbersome to manage glass bottles, the environment friendly Gable top is an ideal solution. The gable top is convenient to store & easy to dispose.
    • The Milk pack. For people who prefer the convenience of half litre packaging, Sarda Farms also provides 500 ml milk in ultra-high food grade double strength pack in pasteurised & homogenised variant.

    5. What are the options of pattern that I can choose from?

    Sarda Farms allows the milk quantity, milk variant to be customised as per your requirement. Subscribers can create customised pattern for themselves like daily delivery, alternate day delivery, weekly delivery or specific days in the week delivery, with their choice of variant and quantity.

    6. What are the modes of payment that Subscriber can choose from?

    The following modes of payment options are available to the subscribers:

    Subscribers of Milk Bottles / Gable top packaging

    • Online payment via, Credit/Debit card, e-Nach through the Sarda Farms website or through the mobile app.,
    • Collection from home Cheque, cash, debit/ credit card (Currently suspended due to COVID-19)
    • Sarda Farms recommends standing instructions for Subscription renewals to eliminate the hassle of periodic manual renewals and uninterrupted milk supply.

    Subscribers of Milk pack

    • Have the option of Online payment via, Credit/Debit card or e-Nach through the Sarda Farms website/ mobile app. Renewal will be automatic through standing instructions. Please register with details of your credit/ debit card or e-Nach details on the website / mobile app. Your account will be debited 4 days prior to the last estimated milk delivery.

    7. How can I reach out to Sarda Farms?

    Sarda Farms Bottle and Gable subscribers can reach out to Sarda Farms through Phone: 1-800-233-6455 (1-800-ADD-MILK) or by email to or by accessing their milk account through the website or mobile app.
    Sarda Farms milk pack is an automated system and hence access is only through email to or website or via mobile app.

    8. What are the modes of delivery that I can choose from?

    Sarda farms offers the following modes of delivery to their subscribers:

    • Hand Delivery. Sarda Farms’ milk delivery associate will ring the doorbell and deliver the milk to you in person. This is an ideal delivery mode for those who prefer to take the delivery of the milk in person (Only for glass bottle / gable top subscribers)
    • Doorstep Delivery. Subscribers opting for this mode will be provided a specially designed insulated bag which helps maintain the cold chain till the time the milk is collected from the doorstep. The milk delivery associate will deliver the milk in this Insulated bag. This mode is ideal for those who do not want to be disturbed by the doorbell, early in the morning.
    • Doorbell Delivery. Subscribers opting for this mode will be provided a specially designed insulated bag which helps maintain the cold chain till the time milk is collected from the doorstep. The milk delivery associate will ring the doorbell once and deliver the milk in this Insulated bag. This is an ideal delivery mode for subscribers who prefer to be alerted about the milk delivery.

    1. Can I ask for more/ less milk for a few days?

    Yes, the milk quantity can be temporarily increased or reduced, within the permissible limits. The permissible limits being 2 times the order of your regular order.

    2. Can I pause my milk supply on the go?

    Yes, you can pause your milk supply on the go. To pause the milk supply, you can login to your account on the mobile app or web, select the dates for pause under the ‘Delivery Planner’ section. Alternatively, subscribers can also reach out to the customer care.

    3. Can I view my milk account balance on the go?

    Yes, you can view your milk account balance anytime in ‘Statement’ section by logging on to the website / mobile app.